PCD Full Form in the Pharma Industry- PCD (Propaganda cum Distribution) is known as Franchise Marketing or Business. It is a legal Authority, permission, or right given to other companies or new owners to sell their products on a 100% monopoly basis. This business model works according to the main manufacturer company’s rules. India which has a huge market to develop any business, PCD business model is growing Day by day as it is a future focus industry. This business has no end. In this business model, PCD Full Form in the Pharma Industry offers its products or services to the franchise partner at a negotiable price where the new owner is free to market and promote those products.

The  PCD Full Form in the Pharma Industry is Propaganda cum Distribution, here are some benefits of it.

  • Start with Low investments
  • Huge profits
  • Low-risk factors
  • Full monopoly rights
  • Low administrative costs

How to Start Your PCD Franchise Business

First of all, Applicants need to find the best PCD pharma franchise company. For this, analyze the market and find out which brands have the trust of customers. Then order the samples from different pharma manufacturer companies to compare the quality and calculate the margin difference.

You can continue this business in two ways

  • Start with existing stockist
  • Start with your own

There are some required documents that applicants need to have for the business of Propaganda Cum Distribution which is a  PCD Full Form in the Pharma Industry.

  •  Applicant  must have a Drug licence
  • (DL NUMBER )It is often issued by the central/state Drug Regulatory Authority.
  • GST Number-Every taxpayer is assigned a state-wise PAN based 15 digit number( Goods and services Taxpayer Identification Number -GSTIN)
  • Trade licence
  • Company Registration
  • NOC From the landlord(If applicant is taking space for rent or lease)
  • Agreement with the Franchisor
  • Bank account
  • Product catalogue

Minimum Investment For PCD Franchise Business

Investment planning is important in the pharma franchise business. Many manufacturing companies import raw materials and other goods from other countries resulting in a change in production cost at any time. Therefore applicants should plan their investment wisely. However, the investment required is much less compared to other business franchises. This business can be started with a minimum investment of INR 20000-30000/-

Product selection as per market demand and your relations with doctors is important. The  PCD Full Form in the Pharma Industry is important in terms of offering the best range of medicine to the customers.

Select growing molecules don't invest much in general products as the competition is very high. but if the applicant has good relations with the local doctors or has good terms with the hospital then it will work because if you cell general products only then you will get only average revenue but if you are dealing in other aspects or operative tools too you will get a huge turnover.

Ask for Monopoly Rights

Giving Monopoly rights to someone means giving the full authority to promote, market, or sell anything that belongs to one particular management or company. In PCD/ PCD Full Form in the Pharma Industry having monopoly rights means that any franchise business partner can sell the products with full authority.

Negotiation Pharma franchise companies provide promotional support like Mr. bags, pen Diaries, brochures, calendars, table stands, doctors' essentials, etc. so,

Negotiate in price, input, catch covers, LBL, print material, working bag, and visual aid.

Fix the payment collection system

You may need billing and stock management system software to maintain the regular orders. most importantly make sure you will get marketing support from the franchise company in all various aspects. The companies you invest in must be sourced with a suitable investment collection method. 


A PCD or propaganda Cum Distribution is one of the leading service channels in the pharma industry. You can assuredly get the best benefits within the collaboration of pharmaceutical companies. We have tried to clear many doubts in this blog, therefore we hope that you are not very much aware of the PCD Full Form in the Pharma Industry. If you have any further questions, kindly contact Medxone Healtfhacre and get assistance today.

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